Cami de Cavalls: Your Guide for Menorca’s Most Beautiful 185km Hiking Trail

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Menorca is without doubt the most idyllic and peaceful of the Balearic Islands. One way to discover its stunning nature is through the Camí de Cavalls, a 185km long path along the coastline. In this article we’ll explain you more about this trail and give you plenty of tips to organise your trip.

Playa Macarella - Menorca

What is the Camí de Cavalls?

The Camí de Cavalls (literally: “way of horses” or horse path) is a historic path along the coast of Menorca which was initially used by horse-riding guards to defend the island from incoming sea attacks. Later on it was also of strategic importance for the French and English during their period of dominance. The historic relevance of the trail eventually faded away until some locals joined efforts to restore the path in the nineties. In 2010 the Camí de Cavalls was officially reopened and since then, more and more tourists are visiting Menorca to discover some of the island’s best beaches along the trail.

Cami de Cavalls (Punta Nati) - Menorca
Cala Morell to Punta Nati

Walking the Camí de Cavalls

Let’s start by clarifying that there are different ways to experience the Camí de Cavalls: by foot, by (mountain)bike or even on horseback. This is a self-guided trail so the decision is entirely up to you.

The trail

The trail is 185km long and is officially divided up into 20 stages, starting in Mahón (the capital). You can walk the entire loop of the island, choose one individual stage (or several stages) or only hike the north or south coast. There’s no need to follow this official division of 20 stages; you can walk/run/cycle at your own pace and in the direction you prefer.

It’s important to make a difference between the beaches in the north and south of the island. The north coast is more mountainous, with rock formations that resemble a lunar landscape in many places. It’s very rough and virgin and that’s one of the reasons we absolutely love the north side of the island! The south coast has more vegetation and light sandy beaches which make the water look transparent and turquoise. Access to most beaches in the south is easier and there’s more infrastructure (beach bars, restaurants) so these beaches can get more crowded, especially in the summer months.

In addition to the difference in terms of landscape and scenery, your choice will also depend on the wind conditions. When the south wind blows, the north is usually calmer and with less jellyfishes, and the opposite occurs when the north wind blows. Always check the latest wind conditions! We use the Windy app to get the most accurate wind forecast.

Playa Macarelleta - Menorca
Cala Macarelleta

Accommodation & Logistics

Menorca is a natural biosphere reserve; the island is protected meaning that in many parts you won’t find any accommodation for kilometres. Public transportation on the island mainly serves the urban areas and the beaches along the Camí de Cavalls are unfortunately not well connected by bus.

Some sections on the south coast are better prepared for tourism and here you’ll find a larger selection of hotels, agroturismos, serviced apartments and even restaurants or supermarkets. Note however that these touristic establishments only open during the tourist season (starting from May until October).

Whether you’re traveling to Menorca in winter or summer, we’re here for you to take care of the entire planning of your trip!

We will book all accommodation along the Camí de Cavalls for you and will assist you with all logistics, i.e. airport transfer, luggage transfer, etc.

Cala Algaiarens

Menorca Travel Concierge

We’re a Menorcan based travel agency specialised in tailor-made travel and concierge services. As local residents, we’ve got the experience and resources to make your trip to Menorca unforgettable. Our personalised assistance has been designed to save you time and let you enjoy your vacation without the hassle of organising it. We offer you a wide variety of services, always tailored to your needs. 

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