Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal travel planner/concierge?

A personal travel planner responds to the uprising demand for highly personalized experiences. We offer travel concierge services, meaning that we build personalized customer experiences that are 100% adjusted to your specific needs and interests. We’re different from a traditional travel agency because we don’t sell any packages. We tailor every itinerary according to your wishes and research accommodation, activities, transportation, restaurants, etc that match your budget and preferences.

What do I need a personal travel planner for?

If you’re looking for a personal approach and a tailor-made travel itinerary, then you’re at the right address. Whether it’s your honeymoon, annual summer vacation, weekend getaway, etc, we will customize your trip. Traveling has never been so cheap and accessible but the amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming. We’re here to save you time and money by researching the best destinations and making all necessary travel arrangements for you.

Is it expensive to hire a personal travel planner?

Unlike many other agencies, we don’t get paid by commission but we charge a small service fee instead. Consider the fee you’ll pay us as an investment in your holiday. We actually help you save money on your upcoming trip. How so? Well, hotels for example have a bigger incentive to grant a travel agent a discount or an upgrade than a random customer. By leveraging our relationships, we can get you extra amenities where you can’t.

What services does a personal travel planner offer?

Our travel planners offer tailor-made services to both individual travelers and companies. We customize your trip, whether it’s a family holiday, couple’s getaway, business trip or company retreat. For more info, have a look at our Personal Travel Planning and Corporate Travel Management services.

Which destinations do you recommend for my honeymoon?

This depends on the time of the year, budget and your personal interests. However, we recommend French Polynesia, Bali, Maldives or Greece for a relaxed, luxury beach honeymoon. South Africa, Kenya/Tanzania, California and Australia for nature and adventure. Myanmar, Machu Picchu and Sri Lanka for culture. Paris, Venice, Croatia and Rome for a romantic honeymoon in Europe.

How far in advance should I book the flights for my next trip?

This depends if you’re booking a domestic (flights within the US and EU) or an international flight. According to a study conducted by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), you should start booking your domestic flights as of 50 to 100 days before departure. If you’re flying overseas, then you should plan even further ahead, ideally between 150 and 225 days in advance. Note that the best deals for international routes were found around day 171. Read our full blog post “How far in advance to book flights and what are the best days to get cheap rates?” for more information.

How do you plan a trip around the world?

You need to define your budget, your personal interests and the total duration of your trip. We decided to work (remotely) while traveling around the world and this monthly income allowed us to travel for a longer period of time (15 months). We also knew that we wanted to travel as light as possible and only packed summer clothes. So our journey took us around the world living in an eternal summer.

Once you get these parameters defined, you can list down your ultimate travel destinations. What are the countries you’ve always wanted to explore? Digital nomads need a reliable internet connection and can’t go just anywhere.

Research when is the best time to travel to each of your preferred locations and work your schedule around this.

What are some common items you bring with you for a long flight?

First of all, don’t forget to pack your universal travel adapter and phone charger in your carry-on, especially if your travel documents are saved on your phone. Talking about electronic devices, we always keep our most valuable belongings in our hand luggage.

On long-haul flights we take a travel pillow with us; it definitely helps us to get a few hours of sleep on the plane. We also travel with a (reusable) water bottle; airplanes are dry and the water bottles you get on the plane are too small to keep you hydrated throughout the flight.

Finally, we recommend you to always pack a change of clothes in case your luggage gets lost or delayed and a small selection of toiletries.

Do I need insurance to travel to a foreign country?

Yes. There are many options and carriers when it comes to travel insurance so you need to check which one is most appropriate according to your travel plans. Whatever coverage you choose, make sure it includes flight cancellations/delays, loss and theft. Adventure travelers should include coverage for high-risk sports as well. We’ve used World Nomads in the past and were very satisfied with their service when one of our bags got stolen.

Do you exchange money before you travel to a foreign country?

No. As a general rule, we’re used to travel cashless and always pay with credit card whenever possible. When traveling, we withdraw money from a local ATM at our destination. Exchange bureaus will always charge you an exchange rate that is far less favourable than the one you get at the bank.

What does corporate travel management mean?

Corporate travel management is a travel planning service especially designed for companies who need professional assistance with their travel arrangements. This includes company retreats, venue search/management and client & employee appreciation events.

What services do you offer around corporate travel management?

Company retreats: In today’s business culture, company retreats have become a powerful tool to change work pace and boost your team’s energy. We research and compare the best destinations for your team and contact local providers to guarantee a cost-effective and successful company retreat.

Venue search and management: From finding the right venue and accommodation to negotiating the contract details, our international partnerships with venues and hotels enable us to secure great venues at low prices adding great value to your company retreat.

Client & employee appreciation events: Expressing appreciation for your clients and employees is key to retention and morale, which have a major impact on your business’s success and growth. Rather than organising another cocktail party or happy hour, go for something more original. Rely on us for an innovative event for your employees and/or clients. Our specialised expertise results in higher achievement for you company.

What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat is a company incentive to get away from the normal workspace and relocate your team to a different – often exotic – location.

Which benefits will my company get from organising a corporate retreat?

Changing the work environment will allow your team to spend quality time with each other. By improving the interpersonal relationships, you help to create a strong team that will work better together. It will boost your team’s energy and people will move in the same direction.

How much does it cost to organise a corporate event?

Unlike our personal travel planning service, we haven’t established a fixed fee for corporate travel planning. In this case our fee will always depend on the type of event, duration and specific requirements.