Why You Need a
Personal Travel Planner

Update Nov 2018:
We’ve written a new post for 2019 following the latests trends and events of last year. Social media is reshaping the way we look to travel and our Travel Planners are responding to the growing demand of personalized travel. Read the latest blog post to be on top of the latest changes in the travel industry.

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Online booking websites are more popular than ever and have made it easier for travelers to book directly instead of using a Travel Agent/Planner. Unfortunately, many people do not understand how a Travel Agent works and how we can help. Some will even ask: “Do they still exist?” Well, here we are! We truly believe that our added value is what makes us useful. So, why should you use a professional Travel Planner?

Save time

We’ve heard it often but many people ask us why someone would need a travel planner when nowadays it’s so easy to set up your own travel itinerary with all the info available on the internet? It’s true that there’s a huge amount of valuable information available but the more options there are, the more confusing for the consumer to figure out what is relevant. There’s an information overload which makes planning your own trip a very time-consuming job! Here’s where your Travel Planner comes in and saves you so much time and stress prior to your departure. We will do the research for you! You can sit back and relax while we make the necessary arrangements for you.

Save money

Unlike many other travel agencies, we do not get paid by commission but charge a small service fee instead. Consider the fee that you’ll pay us as an investment in your holiday. We actually help you to save money on your upcoming trip. How so? Well, hotels for example have a bigger incentive to grant a travel agent a discount or an upgrade than a random customer. By leveraging our relationships, we can get you extra amenities where you can’t.

Professional knowledge

As a frequent traveler, your Travel Planner knows what she’s talking about. We’re here to give you advise where you get stuck. Should I drive Highway 1 from North to South or the other way? Is a visa necessary for a 2-month stay in Cape Town? How should I be dressed to visit the temples in Chiang Mai? We share our expertise with you and even if we don’t have an in-house expert, we make sure to collaborate with other professionals to get you the best service.

Personal touch

Many people are under strong pressure at work and your time off is more valuable than ever. You’ve worked long and hard for that well-deserved break and you want it to be exactly as you’ve hoped for. We will listen to your specific needs, suggest options that are most convenient to you and adjust your trip to achieve the vacation you have in mind. We’re all about creating happy travelers. We add a human touch that search engines, as powerful as they might be, can’t replace.

Changing world

The world is constantly changing and we have up-to-date information about your desired destination. Is this a good time to travel to the Caribbean after the hurricane? Should I delay my trip to Portugal after the wildfires? Is this a good time to travel to Europe given the latest terrorist attacks? Whatever the current situation is, your Travel Planner will give you the right update.

All we want, is to help you explore new places and create life lasting memories with your beloved ones. We care about you, every trip is unique for us and go the extra mile for you. Are you traveling in the near future and do you want to use our professional service? Contact us today and we will get back to you asap.

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