Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Even the most frequent travellers are sometimes confused about travel insurance. Is it worth the extra money? Where should I buy it? It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when planning your vacation but in some cases your travel insurance can make or break your holiday.

Insurance types

There are many types of travel insurance and coverages. It’s important to get the insurance that covers exactly what you care most about. Most carriers start with a basic insurance package which include trip cancellation or interruption, baggage lost and/or medical and flight insurance. Extras can be added depending on your personal concerns (in case you have a specific medical condition or a valuable item you want to protect). A comprehensive package will include all of the above and much more, like coverage for expenses occurred due to flight delays or change to the itinerary.

Tips when purchasing travel insurance

Check what’s covered by your (private) health insurance

Most health insurance plans offer partial coverage when traveling abroad. You’ll most likely get coverage for emergency cases which you’ll have to pay out of your pocket when abroad and then submit for reimbursement once home. Contact them before you leave to make sure you understand the specifics of the inclusions (and exclusions).

Check what’s covered by your credit card

Some credit cards offers free travel insurance when making your reservation. The benefits depend on the type of card and may include reimbursement when cancelling your reservations or travel accident insurance; while others include extras like lost luggage reimbursement or rental car collision coverage.

What credit cards include travel insurance? American Express, Chase or Citi are some of the most popular cards issuers chosen by frequent travellers.

EU Resident? Get your EHIC card!

The European Health Insurance Card is a personalised card that grants you access to medical assistance during a temporary stay in any of the countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland. You can get your card in the country you’re registered as a resident.

It’s important to know that the EHIC doesn’t cover private healthcare or reimbursement for flights, losses or theft. It’s not a travel insurance; the aim is to cover urgent medical assistance for emergencies or illnesses that occur abroad.

Do you really need travel insurance?

Weigh the cost of your trip with the cost of the insurance. For a short weekend getaway that doesn’t involve high costs it’s probably not worth spending money on a travel insurance. If you’re taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip that means a lot to you or a long trip across many countries, then it’s worth looking into the options.

We don’t have exclusivity with any travel insurance company but we do want to give you a personal recommendation. So far we’ve always used World Nomads for our long (and overseas) travels and we’re really satisfied about their service! Their standard plan includes all basic needs (and even more) and can be extended to the explorer plan. The price depends on your destination, age, trip duration and country of residence. Get you online quote!

Do you have more questions whether you need to purchase travel insurance for your upcoming trip? Contact our travel planners for further assistance!

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