Our Team

The Personal Travel Planners at Your Way To Travel work with you to customize your trip to your interests, style and budget. Our combined experience will ensure everything goes smoothly during your trip.

Hi! We’re Sofie and Fran, founders of Your Way To Travel.

We’ve all been asked the question “Where do you come from?” when you’re abroad. People usually look a bit surprised when they hear our story. Indeed, we’re a mix of cultures and languages; bringing together flavours of Belgium and Mexico in the Mediterranean island of Menorca which we consider our home. Traveling was part of our nature before we even met each other.

Together we unite our skills, experiences and passion for traveling to get the most out of your trip!

Photo of Sofie Planckaert

Sofie is the operating force behind Your Way To Travel. “I enjoy creating every trip as if it were my own, no matter the budget, origin or needs of my client. Travel makes us rich in many aspects and I want my travelers to get this full experience.”

Photo of Fran Gonzalez Rull

Fran is the creative and adventurous mind of the two. “Travelling is the first thing that comes to my mind in my search for happiness. I want to share this passion and work behind the scenes innovating for the fulfillment of our clients”.

Let’s take you back to where it all started for us!

Our Travels

Many people dream of traveling around the world but in 2015 we made this dream come true.

We left our hometown Barcelona to embark on a one year trip that led us to Belgium, South-Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, USA, Mexico, Martinique, Argentina and Brazil.

Previously to this adventure, we traveled across Europe; visited Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Mayotte on the African continent and discovered Beijing and the Gobi desert in China.

We’ve always created our own itineraries and started sharing some tips and tricks with others. Soon we found ourselves helping friends and friends of friends with their travel plans. The positive feedback we got from all of them moved us to plan trips on a professional basis.

Sofie and Fran in Monument Valley View of Singapore Gardens Sofie and Fran in Yosemite